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Monday, July 21, 2008

Places in the Heart:Spalding Home

Built in 1900 the Spalding's Home in Places In The Heart is located off FM 813. The actual address is 5035 FM 813 near Rockett, Texas. It can not be easily seen from the road and has a private drive. (I would caution anyone trying to park along 813. The location of the house is on a curve and no shoulders.) It is owned by the Gibbons family. Still looks like it's in similar condition as when used in the movie. I believe that other smaller movies were shot here also. When I zoomed in I could see the unique stained glass windows.

From the road you can see the white picket fence and the screened in porch. It is 2096 sq feet with native pasture around it. The GPS coordinates are 32 deg 27'28.16"N 96 deg 46'54.67"W.

Image from the 1984 movie.I think the color difference from the current house is because I think the movie was shot in early morning or late evening and gave the house that off white color or grayish look.

There is a beautiful field on down FM 813 towards Palmer that would have been a great spot to film the cotton picking scenes. I don't know if it was used or not..

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