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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ellie May- Ellis County Mammoth

So there have been many news stories done on the Mammoth Ellie May found in between Italy and Avalon in Ellis County.  I've been googling all the stories and heard one where the guy on the dig say that three Mammoth have been pulled from Ellis County earth. One near Bardwell(I'm guessing when the Lake was built in the 60's but not for sure) and one in North Ellis County in the 1920's.But nothing as complete as this Mammoth.

An added note I've been reading a book on Ely Green called "Too Black, Too White."  In 1912 Ely worked in Waxahachie for the Stone & Webster Company who was building a bridge for the North Traction Company.  While digging a hole for a pier "at ten feet he (Ely) dug up a rock that looked polished a weighed 10 pounds" Judge Dunlap was watching and asked to see it.  He proclaimed it to be a Mastodon tooth and that he would put it in the Sims Library.  I'm assuming this is the trestle that crossed Waxahachie Creek south of downtown.  Don't know if it ever made it to the Sims Library.

In the late 80's early 90's I walked out to the old brick factory in Ferris where the golf course is now.  On a hill where they got the clay for the bricks I found some vertebrae. I can't remember if I kept it or not.  Seems like I left it.  Surely, workers came across bones while moving the dirt there.