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Monday, June 30, 2008

Movies Filmed in Waxahachie

Was talking to a young aspiring film director Aaron Walker about Waxahachie/Ellis County being a great filming location and found these movies filmed in Waxahachie on Waxahachie's Chamber Of Commerce web-site.

Waxahachie Movie List
• Bonnie and Clyde, 1967 – Faye Dunaway, Warren Beatty, Gene Hackman, Estelle Parsons.Oscars for Best Supporting Actress (Parsons) and cinematography (Burnett Guffrey).
• Deadly Blessings, 1980 – Ernest Borgnine, Maren Jensen.
• Tender Mercies, 1981 – Robert Duvall, Tess Harper, Wilford Brimley. Oscars for Best Actor (Duvall) and Best Screenplay (Horton Foote).
• Of Mice and Men (TV), 1981 – Randy Quaid, Robert Blake.
• Cowboy (TV), 1981 – Ted Danson, James Brolin, Patrick Tovatt.
• Glory Road, 1982-83 – Gary Busey, Marjoe Gortner (film went bankrupt; never released).• Ellie, 1983 – Pat Paulsen, Shelley Winters, George Gobel.
• Places in the Heart, 1983 – Sally Field, Danny Glover, John Malkovich, Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, Lindsay Crouse, Bert Remsen. Oscars for Best Actress (Field) and Best Screenplay (Waxahachie Native, Robert Benton).
• 1918, 1984 – Matthew Broderick.
• The Last of the Caddoes (TV)
• The Aurora Encounter, 1984 – Jack Elam.
• Peyton Place: The Next Generation, 1985 – Dorothy Malone, Ed Nelson.
• The Trip to Bountiful, 1985 – Geraldine Page, Rebecca DeMornay, John Heard, Carlin Glynn. Oscar for Best Actress (Page).
• Valentine’s Day, 1985 – Matthew Broderick, William Converse Robert.
• True Stories, 1985 – David Byrne.
• Thompson’s Last Run, 1985 – Robert Mitchum.
• The All-American Cowboy, (TV special) with Charlie Pride.
• Katherine Anne Porter: A Texas Childhood (TV), 1986.
• Square Dance, 1986 – Jason Robards, Jane Alexander, Winona Ryder, Rob Lowe.
• Traveling Man, 1987 – Kay Lenz.
• The Fig Tree, 1987-88 – William Converse Roberts, Theresa Wright, Doris Roberts.
• Norman Rockwells’s Breaking Home Ties, 1987-88 – Jason Robards, Eva Marie Saint, Doug
McKeon, Erin Gray, Claire Trevor.
• It Takes Two (working title: My New Car), 1987-88 – Patrick Dempsey, Leslie Hope Barry Corbin.
• River Bend (originally titled Night of the Eagles, and previously titled Give or Take a Hundred Years), filmed in 1987-88; released in 1989 – Steve James, Margaret Avery.
• Ollie Hopnoodle’s Haven of Bliss, 1987-88 – James B. Sikking, Jean Shepherd.
• Born on the Fourth of July, 1987-88 – Tom Cruise (only one small scene in rural part of county).
• Love Hurts, 1987-88 – Jeff Daniels, Cloris Leachman.
• Bonnie & Clyde: The True Story, 1991.
• Pure Country, 1993 – George Strait.
• Curse of the Starving Class, 1994 – James Woods, Kathy Bates, Lou Gossett Jr., Randy Quaid, Henry Thomas.
• Universal Soldier: The Return, 1999 – Jean-Claude Van Damme.
• Walker, Texas Ranger (TV Series), 1993-2000.
• Slap Her . . . She’s French, 2001 – Piper Perabo, Jane McGregor, Trent Ford.
• Fat Girls, 2005 – Ash Christian.
• Walking Tall 2, 2006 – Kevin Sorbo.
• Walking Tall 3, 2006 – Kevin Sorbo.
• Prison Break (TV Series), Season 2 - 2006.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today in 1955 KBEC went on the air for the first time. The original station as far as I know was in a field at the south bound I-35e on ramp at the 287 exit to I35 E south.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The preceeding counties before Ellis County was formed

Before Ellis County, Milam county (at one time covered 1/6 of Texas) reached into the Ellis county area then Robertson (named for empresario Sterling Robertson rival of Stephen F Austin)covered the area then Navarro was formed over the area. Then December 20, 1949 Ellis County was formed out of Navarro county with a hundred signatures from local residents.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Midlothian Ballon Fest

As I came into Midlothian from Waxahachie yesterday and I saw these huge monster's on the Horizon. It was balloon time in Midlothian and they had parked some by the Whataburger East of town on 287. They are having the balloon fest at Midlothian Airport along with some airplanes and a space rock.

"A variety of aircraft, from radio-controlled fliers to kites to helicopters, will also be on display at Dallas-Fort Worth’s Summer Balloon Classic near Midlothian."

I really enjoy watching the Hot-air balloons gracefully and peacefully pass over Midlothian's landscape every year. I missed the balloon glow last night but there is still time to go see the balloons today. They opened at 5:45 this morning but not sure how long they will have the show today. Probably until sunset.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Waxahachie White Men's Primary

The White Men's Primary was designed to keep Black folk from voting or making their vote in the general election pretty much useless. This law made primary voting for "whites only." Whites knew the South was made of the one-party states (Democratic then), so they were insured their nominee from the primary would be the victor. It's amazing that it took until 1944 to find the "White Primary" unconstitutional. Some Southern Whites also tried poll taxes and literacy tests to keep minorities from voting.

The below article from the Waxahachie Enterprise shouldn't surprise me because we all know what Ellis County in The Old South thought about Black's voting. At least we know the majority opinion. But the fact in the second article the author explains with excitement how the "White Primary" was successful in disenfranchising the Black man, left me sick to my stomach. Times have definitely changed. The media would be on the exact opposite side of this event today. The media can't ever seem to find the true journalistic position. It mainly goes too far left now a days. Maybe trying to make a mends for it's past atrocities.

Note that candidate J F Strickland became the President of Texas Power and Light and organized The Texas Electric Railway, but he couldn't win Mayor of Waxahachie. Lost by 33 votes. Also note the two articles dated the same day might be different authors because the first story says it was the "quietest election in the history of the city";but, the next story describes the race as "hotly" contested. Unless the author(s) is referring to the fact that the White folk weren't upset because Black folk weren't getting to vote and the race between the White candidates were "hotly" contested?
------------------------WAXAHACHIE ENTERPRISE----------------------
3-24-1899 'The. Primary Election - The Quietest Election in the History of the City Since It Has been an Incorporated Town.
It was mutually agreed by all conservative citizens of this city that the primary last Thursday was the quietest in the history of the town.
At box No. 1, Ed Hawkins was presiding judge but was excused, Jon. F. Wyatt acted as presiding judge, with T. F. Thompson, Jim Morton and George Crow as associate judges; Robt. Beale, Shan Partain, Sara Cawthon and George Crump, clerks.
At Box No. 2, Joe P. Cooper was presiding judge, with P. H. Templeton, L. H. Peters associate judges, and J. L. Deegan, G. W. Coleman, P.T.Crisler, Jon. F. Dunlap and J. J. Metcalfe, clerks.
•At box No. 3, Ed Williams was presiding judge, Sam Fisher, C. J. Harris, W. Schuster and S. T. Barton associate judges, and James 0. Hammett, Sam Hickman, Charles Teutsch, and Jake Mincer,. clerks.

The result by wards is as follows:: . Ward No. 1.
For Mayor - ' J. F. Strickland,67; E.A.DuBose, 25,H. E. Pickett, 82-------
Ward No. 2. For Mayor -. J. F. Strickland,117,.DuBose, 53,-Pickett, 109
' Ward. No. 3-For Mayor., - J. F. Strickland, 69; DuBose, 38; Pickett, 95 •
Mr. Pickett's majority over Mr. Strickland is 33, he having received 286 votes and Mr. Strickland 253. Mr. Pickett, is therefore, the nominee and will be elected on the first Tuesday in April. Mr. S. P. Langsford will succeed Mr. Dowdy as Alderman in Ward No.2. The total vote cast was 66l, only a little more than half the full vote of the city.
3~24~l899 Our Mayoralty Nominee
Waxahachie has just passed through- what is considered the most hotly contested race for mayor that was ever known in the history of the city, and there are circumstances connected with it that make the election one of peculiar interest. Two years ago many of our best citizens began to agitate the question of primary elections for city offices in order to eliminate the negro from city politics. The fruit did not quite ripen then, but this time it did as was evidenced by the fact that a large majority of white voters signed a petition for a white man's primary. The day was set for March 16 and all four candidates, two of whom did not announce until, after the primary call, were before the people. One of these, Mr. Harry E. Pickett, was successful. Every inch of the ground was closely contested and Mr. Pickett came out thirty-three votes ahead of the next highest man. Mr. Pickett is a "native and to the manner born," he was reared in Waxahachie and educated at Marvin College and Vanderbilt University', Nashville, Tennessee. He is not a new man in city or county politics. He has before served the people well as school trustee, alderman and mayor; was postmaster under Cleveland's first administration and last year was candidate for county clerk, receiving a good vote.


Resource is a collection of Waxahachie Enterrprise articles on business man J F Strickland in Sims Library, Waxahachie, Texas.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Irony of Andrew Jackson Lummus Sr & Jr

Both served their community and country giving their life for them. Now Jack Lummus Jr's Medal Of Honor,posthumously awarded for his bravery on Iwo Jimma, rests in the the Ennis Railroad and Cultural Museum. Ironically, right across the street from the museum Jack Lummus Sr. laid down his life in the service of the Ennis public. He was murdered by intoxicated railroad employee named Oran Mounts. On May 13, 1944,10 months before Jack Jr would die, Jack Lummus Sr., Assistant Chief of Police of Ennis, tried to calm Oran L. Mounts who had been drunk and disorderly in a cafe at 110 NE main street in Ennis, Oran pulled out a revolver and shot Jack Sr. in the stomach right outside the establishment. Jack Sr died in the ambulance. Source

The Ennis Railroad And Cultural Museum is located at 105 NE Main Street Ennis, Texas. The picture shows the railroad track side of the museum. But in the front of the museum across NE Main and down to the left is the location of the murder of Jack Lummus Sr. No more than 50 yards from where Jack Lummus Jr's Medal Of Honor is stored. No monument is placed for Jack Lummus Sr, but maybe their should be one. I took a picture from the Ennis Business Forms extra parking next to the museum. I'm guessing that the building in the center of the picture may be the old cafe.