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Monday, April 28, 2008

J F Strickland Wedding Gifts

Found this article from the Waxahachie Enterprise. There is a file at Sims Libray that someone put together about J F Strickland (President of the Texas Electric Railwayand first President of the Texas Power and Light), articles in the Waxahachie Enterprise. I found the listing of he and his wife's wedding gifts that were listed a couple days after their August 28th 1889 wedding . A few doubles and toiletries seemed to be a big thing. Also notice that future investor/promoter of the electric interurban railway ,Osce Goodwin, was a bearer of gifts. I wonder if J.F. Dunlap was related to the former JOP of the county, O.E. Dunlap. Also Oscar Dunlap became the President of Citizen's Bank .

9-6-1889 Strickland-Martin.
The following is the list of presents received by Mr. J. F. Strickland and Miss Sallie Martin at their marriage, August 28th, which we were unable to obtain in time for publication last week: Groom to bride, watch and chain studded with diamonds; Mother of bride, antique oak bed room suit; U, T. Buckner, china dinner set; Murr Martin, of Sherman, silver tea service and tray;: Miss Pat Martin, decorated toilet case; Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Tatum, of .Sherman, elegant French mirror with brass frame; Mr. A. C. Kirkpatrick, of Dallas, silver water set Mrs. W.C.Eubank, of Sherman, solid silver card case; Dr. S.D.Moore, of Van Alatyney willow rocker; Mr. Jos. Linz, of Sherman, silver syrup pitcher and plate; Dr. S.W. Moore-and lady, of Van Alstyne, candelabra and individual castor;-, Mr. and Mrs. K.B.Kirkpatric of Dallas, toilet set and jewelry case combined;-. Miss Mary Gregg, of Sherman, silver cake basket; Mrs. M. Kirkpatrick, of Dallas, decorated pin cushion;; Mrs. C.R.Carrick, of Dallas peach blow water set;: Master Jack Kirkpatrick, of Dallas, handkerchief holder; Mr. and Mrs. W. G, Williams, decorated wash stand set;- Messrs. W.J.McDuffie, W.A.Gaither and E. Wallace, smyrna rugs; Mr. and Mrs. C.D.Pickett, antique oak table; Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Ferris* cut glass berry bowl set in silver;; Mr. and Mrs. J.C.Woodlief, silver butter dish;: Mr. and Mrs. H.E.Pickett, smyrna rug;. Graves, Beale & Co., walnut table; Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Metcalf, solid silver spoong; Mr. and Mrs. E.L.Barkley, silver card receiver; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. •Gibson, silver and gold bonbon tray; Mrs. Robt Stacy., hand painted toilet set; Mrs. A. M. Lee, silver sugar spoons; Dr. A.A.Thompson and daughter, silver card receiver and bouquet holder}-. Mr.'J.B.Boone and sister, Maggie, percelain ice pitcher set in silver; Misses .Mollie and Kate Briggs, silver berry bowl; Miss Ruth Parker, pin cushion and sachet bag combined}' Mr. J. Fain, silver pickle castor;- F.P.Powell, E.L.Huffman and T.J.Cole, silver syrup pitcher} G.L.AdkLsson, J.F.Dunlap and Osce Goodwin, complete set of toilet articles; Ed Williams, S.W.Spencer, J. L. McCartney and B. M. Howard, solid silver castor and fruit -stand, combined; J. E. Lancaster, B. L Davis, S. P. Skinner and F. M. Maxwell, silver tea service;- Walter and Lee Penn, willow rocker; Mr. H.B.Kirkpatrick, of Dallas, tow handsome oil paintings; Mrs. Calfee, bridal bouquet; Mrs. M. Smith, of Louisville Ky., silver knives with pearl handles; Mr. Lee Gotten of Waco, silver tooth pick holders lined with gold.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Decendants of Ennis namesake visit train museum

The decendants of Cornelius Ennis came through town to vistit the Railroad and Cultural Heritage Museum at 105 NE Main street. As far as anyone could remember, it is the first time a relative to anyone featured in the museum has came to visit . Interesting facts were given about Cornelius in the article. Apparenly according to journals he was a blockade runner during Civil War much like the character Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind. Also the article gives emphasis to how important City Lake was to keeping the railroad head quarters in Ennis.