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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Located in the Singleton Plaza parking area. Downtown walking tour pamphlet calls the 1885 Waxahachie jail a Calaboose. South Western term for a jail. Though the jail was made with boards the construction was based on log cabin construction. Boards were stacked to make the walls. Made the walls thick and sturdy. Even thwarted an attempt by prisoners to burn their way out.

The pamphlet says this prison was mainly used like our modern day "tanks" on Texas OU weekend to hold drunks. Back when Waxahachie was saloon plenty this little Jail stayed pretty busy I imagine.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Summer Moonlight Movies :Places In The Heart

Today Friday June 12, 2009 The Summer Moonlight Movies are showing PLACE IN THE HEART in downtown Waxahachie near the Pocket Park at the corner of College and Franklin Streets. They use the inflatable screen. It will be real interesting and surreal considering the real story took place in 1882 with a shoot out that started on College street.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Gingerbread Trail: The Nay Company(T&BV Depot)

The Nay Company has beautifully restored The Old Trinity and Brazos Valley Depot. The line connected Waxahachie and Corsicana. The building is of Romanesque Revival. Previous owners are Burlington-Rock Island, Burlington Northern and the Burlington-Northern-Santa Fe (BNSF).

The Nay Company began residence in the depot in 1963. In 1998 they purchased the Depot from BNSF and fixed up for their offices. General Contractor Darrell V. Nay and his family took great care to preserve this Waxahachie treasure.

Original features are all of the doors, windows,doorway arches and handrails.

The Gingerbread Trail: Farrar Home

Farrar Home

902 West Main Street

Built in 1887

Modified L-plan with Queen Anne and Neoclassical Revival features. Dr. R. P. Sweatt was the original owner. The turret was added to the front in 1890. Original features are stained glass windows, original pine and oak floors, two coal burning fireplaces,beaded-board ceilings, transoms,bulls-eye moldings, and curved staircase from the entrance hall. A Beautiful home and the owner has a deep Ellis County heritage. Mr Farrar's Great Great grandfather was Hans Smith who brought the first cotton seed to Ellis County.

Gingerbread Trail: Shilling Home

Shilling Home

114 East University Avenue

Built in 1920. Value Builders restored this home starting in 2006. It took 18 months to be restored. The original siding is still in place. The front of the house has the original house numbers made by the original owners. Bricks on the front steps came from the original fire place that had to be replaced.

Gingerbread Trail : Donnelly Home

Donnelly Home

Colonial Revival style cicra 1940. Structual system is two story wood frame and has a side gable roof.

Gingerbread Trail: Davison Home

Davison Home

208 Oldham avenue Waxahachie, Texas

Built circa 1890. Originally the property was owned by a Major Penn. Penn Had a large home at College st and Oldham st where the
post office is currently located. The Picketts were the next owners (The Daughter of Major Penn.) Later was owned by a Mr. McClain who was an early postmaster for Waxahachie.
The Satterfields owned it next and is said to have used as a boarding house. The House has 3.5 baths,parlor,living room,dining room,kitchen,breakfastroom,
and family room. Three of the four fireplaces are original to the house. Mrs Davison's Husband is no longer living but she offered visitors to her house a glimpse of some WWII items of his. He was on the deck of the Arizona when the Japanese bombed it at Pearl Harbor and was burned badly. He served until the end of the War and was on the Missouri when the surrender was signed. So he was literally there at the begining and the end!