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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Citizen's National Bank 140 Years Old Today!

Serving generations of area families for over 140 years.
First building in Waxahachie

"On July 1, 1868, as the Civil War closed, Ferris & Getzendaner Attorneys-at-law began to offer banking services "that would add something to the meager compensation that might come from the practice of law." The money to meet this business had to be taken peri­odically by horse and rider to Houston through bad lands infested by robbers and mur­derers. Their original bank building was a double-room wooden structure, but from these crude beginnings 128 years ago, the acorn that today has become the Citizens National Bank was planted. Then, as today, the bank had become a good neighbor, and a vital spark to the economic growth of Waxahachie."-taken from a 1996 pictorial book of Ellis County.

The first depositor was R. A. Davis on July 10,1868. Davis was also one of the founding members of the town of Waxahachie in 1851. He deposited $230.75 of hard money(Gold and Silver probably.) First the bank was called Ferris and Getzendaner until June 25, 1884 when it became The Citizens National Bank of Waxahachie. At this time the bank had capital of $100,000 surplus of $50,000 and a profit of $54,000.-History of Ellis County

First President :1868-1887 Captain Getzendaner

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Will Howard said...

I'm noticing your fine blog. I'm compiling a list of "Texas Historical and Literary Blogs." Can you supply me with a summary statement of who y'all are and the basic purpose of "Blog for Ellis County Texas History."