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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Largest Tree Girth In Ellis County?

There are some nice sized trees in Ellis County but I personally have never seen any bigger than the big old tree in Getzendaner Memorial Park on the east side near the kids maze. It's so big that one limb is held up by a support. I measured the girth of a few trees in Ellis County that I thought would be close to this tree but the closet one was in the park near the Mathews bridge but it was 9" short in girth. I try to measure 5 ft from the ground to get the girth. This tree has to be hundred plus years. It's girth measurement is 178". Which is 14.83 feet. Now I imagine that if their are larger trees they are going to have to be in creek bottoms or cemeteries or parks. Places where there is a good water source and that the old settlers wouldn't have chopped them down or modern home builders couldn't bulldoze them. There is a huge girthed tree on Main street in Waxahachie that I have not measured where the fountain is but it's not near as pretty has the park tree. If you have knowledge of a huge tree let me know.

approximate gps coordinates 32deg 23' 34.74" N 96 deg 51'51.20"W

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