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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ennis Library site of the Cerf Mansion

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This site has some info and where the picture came from.

Ennis Library is on the spot of the old Cerf Mansion. The Cerf mansion was based on the Hospitality Pavillion at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, was built in late 1904 by Ennis Texas Cotton Merchant Louis Isadore Cerf. His widow, Mamie Cerf left it to the City of Ennis who had it torn down in 1967. Jacqueline Kennedy was reported to have written a letter in a paper urging the city of Ennis not to bring down the old Mansion. But Ennis city higher ups believed it was a time of progress and it was brought down. Now stands the Ennis Library. The iron fencing on top of the brick wall around courtyard at the library is the original fencing that was at the Cerf mansion. In the courtyard are beautiful flowers and plants and an Historical marker dedicated to Jack Lummus. Ennis' Congressional Medal of Honor soldier of WWII.