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Monday, July 9, 2007

1890 Crossing

A mixture of history here. The old bridge was moved from Chambers Creek in 1981 and has a sister bridge on Waxahachie Creek in the South part of downtown Waxahachie near the walking trail. According to Joe Bento of Ellis County the bridge was purchased by a developer and placed here. It was loved by the community but Txdot decided a modern bridge was needed to take it's place in 2005. They have left the old bridge there but can not be driven on. The Bridge was built by the Iron bridge company of Canton, Ohio and completed in 1888.

To see how the bridge looked when it was functional at the 1890 crossing go to Mr Joe Bento link at Texas Escapes web-site.

The 1890 crossing of Spring Creek is where the early settlers crossed the low water spot. I'm guessing part of a trail. I have heard that wagons would leave shallow ruts in the white rock. It looks like there are perpedicular lines across the creek under the bridge but I don't know if they were from wagons. (I was told by an old timer in Ovilla that somewhere down on Red Oak Creek, maybe off Westmoreland, that there are visible wagon tracks.) I believe there was a concrete path that went into the creek when the old bridge was functional. That maybe what the lines in the creek's white rock are from.

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