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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Midlothian Ballon Fest

As I came into Midlothian from Waxahachie yesterday and I saw these huge monster's on the Horizon. It was balloon time in Midlothian and they had parked some by the Whataburger East of town on 287. They are having the balloon fest at Midlothian Airport along with some airplanes and a space rock.

"A variety of aircraft, from radio-controlled fliers to kites to helicopters, will also be on display at Dallas-Fort Worth’s Summer Balloon Classic near Midlothian."

I really enjoy watching the Hot-air balloons gracefully and peacefully pass over Midlothian's landscape every year. I missed the balloon glow last night but there is still time to go see the balloons today. They opened at 5:45 this morning but not sure how long they will have the show today. Probably until sunset.

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