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Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Irony of Andrew Jackson Lummus Sr & Jr

Both served their community and country giving their life for them. Now Jack Lummus Jr's Medal Of Honor,posthumously awarded for his bravery on Iwo Jimma, rests in the the Ennis Railroad and Cultural Museum. Ironically, right across the street from the museum Jack Lummus Sr. laid down his life in the service of the Ennis public. He was murdered by intoxicated railroad employee named Oran Mounts. On May 13, 1944,10 months before Jack Jr would die, Jack Lummus Sr., Assistant Chief of Police of Ennis, tried to calm Oran L. Mounts who had been drunk and disorderly in a cafe at 110 NE main street in Ennis, Oran pulled out a revolver and shot Jack Sr. in the stomach right outside the establishment. Jack Sr died in the ambulance. Source

The Ennis Railroad And Cultural Museum is located at 105 NE Main Street Ennis, Texas. The picture shows the railroad track side of the museum. But in the front of the museum across NE Main and down to the left is the location of the murder of Jack Lummus Sr. No more than 50 yards from where Jack Lummus Jr's Medal Of Honor is stored. No monument is placed for Jack Lummus Sr, but maybe their should be one. I took a picture from the Ennis Business Forms extra parking next to the museum. I'm guessing that the building in the center of the picture may be the old cafe.

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