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Friday, May 2, 2008

JF Strickland and Miss Sallie Martin's Wedding Day

8-30-1889 Orange Blossoms
Wednesday evening a very large congregation assembled at the Methodist
church to witness the marriage of Mr. J. F. Strickland and Miss Sallie
Martin. The house was brilliantly lighted, and long before the hour
appointed for the ceremony had arrived, the house was filled and many
gentlemen failed to get in. Promptly at 7 o'clock word passed down the
line, "They are coming." Every one was in a flutter to get a glimpse at
the beautiful, bride and noble groom.
The bridal party passed up the aisle in the following order: Mr. L.
Buckner and MISS Mabel Meredith, Mr. J. B. Boone and Miss Mollie Briggs-,
the bride and groom, Mr. JT E. Lancaster and Miss Pat Martin, Mr. B. L.
Davis and Miss May Siddons marched to appropriate music. . The
contracting parties took position at the alter, where Rev. M. K. Little,
in a very solemn and impressive manner performed the sacred rite, thus
uniting in hold bonds two noble and loving hearts and lives.
The Enterprise tenders to its young friends, now just launched on
the conjugal seas, its hearty congratulations and wishes for them a happy
and useful life and that they may always find in each other that sweet
consolation so essential to connubial bliss.
The bride is one of Waxahachie's fairest daughters and by her genial
disposition and affable manners has won a place in the hearts of our
society people, and for a long time has been an acknowledged bell in the
social circles of Waxahachie.
_Mr. Strickland is one of Waxahchie's most enterprising merchants and for
business tact, manly conduct, nobility of soul and honesty of purpose,
stands second to no man.
,The bride was dressed in an elegant costume of white India silk,
entraine, decollette and sleeveless - long silver mits reaching to the
shoulders, finished with tastefully arranged^ garnitures of ribbon and
lace. The front of the skirt fell in graceful folds, and the full court
train seemed familiar with every movement of its wearer. The neck was
filled with Point de Alcon lace, reaching to the waist and caught with a
spray of orange blossoms-the same flowers held'in place the delicate
bridal veil as it fell in sweeping folds to the ends of'thetrain. In her
hand she carried a bunch of Marechalniel roses. So beautiful a costume,
on so charming a creature, could not fail to excite admiration.
The Alter - • 8-30-1889
Strickland "and Miss Sallie Martin.

Note a later report states that the wedding took place on August 28th 1889. The Strickland's never had children.

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