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Thursday, May 22, 2008

"And There Was Light" in Waxahachie

8-29-1890 "And There Was Light,"
. Several months ago the initiatory steps were taken to establish for
Waxahachie an electric light plant. The people were tired of groping
through darkness, splashing through mud holes and colliding with men,
horses and vehicles and at last women of our enterprising citizens got
together and said: "Let there be light." As a consequence preparations
were soon commenced and last Saturday night ushered in the new era in the
city's history, "and there was light." As the shades of evening began to
hover over the city the electrical current was sent out and incandescent
stars "gleamed in the gloaming." As the evening advanced the lights grew
brighter and the people thronged the streets to witness the inauguration
of the light system.
Many people visited the engine room to see the machinery in operation.
Mr. Frank Moffett was complacently presiding at the dynamo, wearing a
look of satisfaction. Mr. D.M. Glower was here, there 'and everywhere,
showing the people the wonderful workings of electricity. Mr. Glower has
made a study of this branch of physics and while conversing with him one
gets an idea of the philosophical minds of Newton and Franklin. It fell
to the lot of the early thinkers to confine the electrical current, but
it was left for Edison to work out the problem of generation and to D. M.
Glower and his co-disciples to apply this wonderful science to lighting
the streets of Waxahachie and other progressive cities.
The people are to be congratulated on this evidence of progressive push.
There have been a few who seemed disposed to underrate this undertaking
but their mutterings will die away in the,distant valleys and as time
goes on other lights will be placed on the streets and soon the
inconvenience of traveling at night will have passed away."
-Waxahachie Enterprise

Using the information given, if the first day that electricity was used to turn on lights in the city of Waxahachie was the last Saturday from 08/29/1890 (the day of the article) then according to scphillips web page the date would be 08/23/1890. So the first day of Waxahachie's electrification was Saturday August 23, 1890.

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