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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ellis County Press Article of Ray Cavender's experience with Bonnie and Clyde

Very interesting article of an Ellis County resident's run in with Bonnie and Clyde. Over the years I have talked to Ovilla residents who spoke of Bonnie and Clyde living in the mesquite tree hilly area of Midlothian, Grand Prairie and Cedar Hill. One Midlothian recollection was about Bonnie and Clyde rolling into to town stopping at a burger joint and tipping something like $20 to the waitress. Here is a recollection of Ray Cavender who use to come into the Tote-a-way where I worked in Ovilla when I was younger. Below is the beginning of the article click on the link to read the rest. (Just put your cursor over article section hold shift and left click mouse to open separate window for article.)

OVILLA – Sit back and read a tale of just one of many regarding the remarkable people who make up the Meals-on-Wheels family of Johnson and Ellis Counties.
At the tender age of 12, Ray Cavender ambled out of the woods and into a clearing grinning from ear-to-ear.
It was the early 1930s in Ovilla, Texas, and the farm boy was proud to emerge from the under bush with a veritable feast for his family – two large swamp rabbits that he landed with his shotgun. But from his peripheral vision on a hill to his right he saw a familiar sight to some of his family members in his small community, though no one talked publicly about it.

Thanks to Smiley for the heads up on the article!!!


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