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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Texana at the Chautauqua 9-27-2008

I recently attended part of the Texana event at the Chautauqua in Waxahahchie, Texas yesterday. I visited pioneer reenactment set ups in the park. They had an original Chuck Wagon. Which for pioneers was usually a smaller farm wagon for hauling stuff on the farm converted into a chuck wagon. This particular wagon was all original except the bottom floor had to be replaced due to rotting. The campfire setup and tents were run by reenactors in period clothes. I did not get to see the official reenactments. I did get to hear Caddo Nation tell their story and perform their dances. They talked about how their people were major deerskin traders with the French. I had heard about this when researching the Halberd head at the Ellis County museum. Jay Blaine had participated in the identification of a caddo site near cedar creek where French coins and trading items were being found, It was a major international trade and I believe took place in the 17th century. Deerskin was bringing good money in Europe at the time.

The next speaker of the evening was a historian who tied in Spain to the development of Texas. How the Spanish had designed their conquista based on what they took from being dominated by the Muslims at one time. How even spanish foods and words came from the Muslims. For example arroz the name for rice is of Arabic origin. How the Alamo and Goliad are examples of Muslim construction. How the use of a cavalry was learned by the Spanish from being defeated by the Muslims.

Very intertaining and learning experience.

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