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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Old water pump on Red Oak Creek

Near Rutherford Crossing I found what appears to be an old water pump. One of the cone shape objects is tipped over and you can see down into a hole. The cone shaped structures are circular stacked bricks with cement over them. The bricks say "Palmer" on them. On the standing cone shaped structure there is an old motor. The area around the structures are wooded but does appear to have been cleared at one time. Maybe a structure was there. My only doubt to a structure is it would be in a flood plain. Their is a tributary east of the structures that pours into Red Oak Creek.
This is the area where Hans Smith came from Arkansas with his family. They had camped on Red Oak Creek as they came to the area to claim their Peters Colony land. After hunting in the area and topping a hill and observing the black prairie land, Hans Smith told his wife they had found their new home.

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