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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Medicine Crow

Medicine Crow

Little known music group from Ellis County circa 1989-90. Members Andy,Barry,Bryan, Brian, and Charlie all from Ellis County. Main reason is they only put together one Album Stomp'n in the Churchyard. The band tried an experimental folk rock formula. Using banjos, mandolins, casio keyboards,hardwood floors, drum machines,harmonica and the cello along with the standard acoustic guitars(6&12strings,electric guitars (bass 6string). Technology of the time only allowed lo-fi 4 track tape recording. Medicine Crow didn't have the luxury of digital recording.

After Medicine Crow

Andy(guitarist/vocalist/songwriter) also performed at DBU with his friend Russel in a group called Swahili Monkey Brothers. Later graduated from DBU and married having one son they moved to New Mexico. Still involved in church functions and playing his guitar and singing in the fashion of Dylan. The Lord took Andy beyond the stars in the Mid 90's. His wife has continued their dream of being missionaries and with their son teaches in China.

Barry (Guitars,mandolin,vocals,keyboard)went to East Texas State in Commerce with Bryan and Brian. Do to lack of funds dropped out and returned to Ellis County and played with a band called Hung by Vigilantes. Currently Barry manages a business in Ellis County.

Bryan (Drummer,vocals,keyboard)graduated from East Texas State and joined the Airforce. From the University to the Air Force Bryan learned the trade of radio/tv and became a video editor for Nasa. Bryan was responsible for any video released by Nasa on the Hubble Telescope. In Circa 2006 Bryan resigned from Nasa and joined Michelle Malkin at the conservative political hotspot blog He resigned from in March 2008 and was hired to produce the Laura Ingraham show a nationally broadcasted conservative radio show in over 300 radio stations where he is currently employed.

Brian (Vocals,Banjo,harmonica) went from East Texas State to Denton where he obtained his degree in art from North Texas State University. He later worked security for an art museum in Ft. Worth for a stint. He also was involved in the set up of exhibits while at the museum. During this time he was highly involved in his video art. Presenting his art in exhibits all over Texas. Eventually all over the United States and to Europe. Later he got a job moving high end residences that usually involved moving art. Currently employed by a wealthy individual in Dallas to work on a metal project (not his art).

Charlie (Bass,background vocals,tech,mixer) is highly involved in his Waxhachie Bible Church. Always running their website, working on their computers, running their sound board or playing the bass. Over a year now Charlie has fulfilled his life's calling to be a missionary to Equatorial Guinea, Africa. He and his wife Bridget along with their children Briana and Micah(who was in the womb during the album's recording. we feel he may have suffered some damage to the exposure of the music :)) live in the Coastal jungle. His wife a student of Southwest Assemblies of God college has taken her English teaching skills and are working on translating the new testament into the native language, Fang(pronounced like Fawng). Suffering from malaria and separation from the Western comforts they keep moving forward with the good work.

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