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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stairway to nowhere?

Through a Ellis County Sheriff friend, I was given a tip on a location that may have historical value. He told me in the southeastern region of Ellis County there is a stairway that goes up a hill . It is made of lumber and goes up a wooded hill near a creek by railroad tracks. I went to the location on Sandswitch Road and being summertime was not able to locate it. Returning this winter, sure enough, there it was. The Sheriff said he had metal detected the area and found coins mainly from the 1930's. There is an abandoned house and barn just east of the stairway where unfortunately people dump stuff. The stairs are in two sections. A long one goes close to the top until the angle changes then another stairway goes the rest of the way to the top. Where they seperate you can see an old waterline(I'm guessing for water) and it runs under the top section of stairs. Maybe it was a way for people who lived on the hill to catch the train?


Robert Alford said...

I have some neet places in or around Ellis county contact me if intrested in pics. like a cemetery no one knows about and it sits right beside the road, or an old city building lost in time and downtown but no body can see. let me know.

Creeker said...

OK Robert. you can email me at